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promise of professionalism

Code of Ethics

The Cleaning Connection pledges to subscribe to a Professional Code of Ethics. This code includes our relationships with various sectors and describes our values.

Customers: We commit to the rights of our customers to receive services, values, and pricing that is independently developed.

Employees: We recognize the rights of our employees to work in a safe and healthy work environment, receive fair and equitable compensation, have opportunities for growth and development in a culture that fosters dignity and respect for their position and their contributions to our industry.

Suppliers: We shall only conduct business with suppliers who maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and confidentiality.

Environment: We will strive to improve the world we live in by utilizing methods and products that improve and maintain the quality of our environment.

Competitors: We respect the right of our bona fide competitors to ethically participate in the free marketplace.

Community: We will serve in our communities to improve the quality of life of our neighbors.

Government: We shall interact with honesty and integrity when dealing with all levels of government.

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